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Staying healthy is of paramount importance to us all. With this in mind HygieneExpert aims to provide useful, easily accessible information that can help readers make more informed decisions and choices about personal health matters, the health of their children and the wellbeing of family pets.
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Cleanliness: Washing and Bathing, Care of Body Piercings, Hygiene When Travelling,...
Eye & Ear Hygiene
Eye & Ear Hygiene: Conjunctivitis, Ear Care and Wax Build Up, General Eye Care, What is...
Foot, Hand & Nail Hygiene
Foot, Hand & Nail Hygiene: Nail Care and Hygiene, The Importance of Foot...
Genital Hygiene
Genital Hygiene: Menstrual Hygiene, Urinary Tract Infections, Sexually Transmitted...
Head & Hair Hygiene
Head & Hair Hygiene: Hair and Scalp Care, Dealing with Dandruff, How to Treat Head Lice,...
Hygiene & Animals
Hygiene & Animals: How to Clean Your Pet's Ears, The Importance of Hygiene Around Pets,...
Hygiene & Health
Hygiene & Health: Worms, Preventing Scabies, Wound Care, Personal Hygiene and Surgical...
Hygiene Basics
Hygiene Basics: What is Personal Hygiene?, Personal Care Using Natural Products,...
Kids & Personal Hygiene
Kids & Personal Hygiene: Oral Hygiene and Infants, Hygiene and Potty...
Kitchen Hygiene
Kitchen Hygiene: Raw Food Hygiene, Hygiene Tips When Food Recycling, How to Prevent...
Oral Hygiene
Oral Hygiene: General Oral Care, Gingivitis, Dental Cavities, Bad Breath, The...
Skin & Hygiene
Skin & Hygiene: Preventing Acne, Managing and Preventing Eczema, Is Skin Bleaching...
Surgical Hygiene
Surgical Hygiene: Pre-operative Hygiene, Post-operative Hygiene and Wound Care, Hair...
Latest Comments
  • Crabby
    Re: What is Personal Hygiene?
    Great arti my dude, loved how helpful this will be for my dissertation, you got a bro for life. Sigma Kappa Phi (If you want to attend…
    19 January 2018
  • Trace
    Re: Kitchen Mould: Prevention and Removal
    Hi we get green mould in our upper kitchen units they are fitted to a wall that has not been insulated is this why
    16 January 2018
  • zac
    Re: The Importance of Good Personal Hygiene
    i wash and shower 3 times a day
    11 January 2018
  • olajoel
    Re: What is Personal Hygiene?
    That was a nice piece of information on personal hygiene. I love it.
    26 October 2017
  • manu
    Re: The Importance of Good Personal Hygiene
    Very useful for my english article. Thank you so much. Reliable information too.
    23 October 2017
  • Katy
    Re: Hand Washing
    I am a community nurse supporting an individual with a learning disability. Your resources are excellent and I wondered if you have any information…
    18 October 2017
  • job
    Re: Scalp Care for Bald Heads
    Hi exfoliate with a luffa sponge fist. use electric massager to stimulate. now use 50% coconut oil and caster oil before bed leave…
    14 October 2017
  • la frosh
    Re: Personal Hygiene and Food Preparation
    plz I need to know the important of personal hygiene and appearance in the food service operation and also describe…
    12 October 2017
  • Tanuj
    Re: What is Personal Hygiene?
    Thankyou for this . It helped me in my brother homework
    1 October 2017
  • CFhusband
    Re: Wound Care
    Do you have any data on showering and the importance of maintaining personal hygiene while accessed to a MediPort or PICC line dressing? My wife has had…
    23 September 2017
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