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Purity said:
Friday, 20 Nov 2015
I have a bad breathe and bleeding gum. How may you help me? Thanks
Natalya said:
Thursday, 9 Jul 2015
Great site This has been a lot of help for my hygiene issues
Vivek said:
Thursday, 1 Jan 2015
Thanks,this is very usefull for me to trai my kitchen staff.Please send more information on other important topics related to commercial kitchen.
Andrew said:
Thursday, 9 Oct 2014
Hi, do you have any research/evidence suggesting the health/hygiene risks/impact of people who exercise and then go straight to gym café without showering and sit sweating in chairs. They leave and another innocent party (showered, wearing nice clothes) sits in the same seat vacated unknowingly of what went before! Thanks Andrew
Venkatachari said:
Thursday, 18 Sep 2014
I just go through ur site and found everything is useful and essential in present condition. I would like to take it to the community atmost care.
Julie said:
Friday, 15 Nov 2013
Found this website very interesting will be referring back to it often
Charnice said:
Saturday, 13 Apr 2013
I am very interested in your newsletters and enjoy learning about the things you cover. The more newsletters you send me the better as they really make my day.
Samuarte D said:
Monday, 22 Oct 2012
I have recently developed increased body odours and would like your help with how best to combat this. many thanks Samuarte
Yvonna said:
Tuesday, 8 Mar 2011
I work with a community based program. In that program we are attempting to teach the young people good hygiene habits. I came across your website during my search. I am sure there is great information here, that will help the students. Thank you, Yvonna Presley
Oshani said:
Thursday, 30 Dec 2010
I just want to thank you for the valuble information supplied in your article.that's great.It was a big help for my school project.thankyou...........
Ahmed said:
Sunday, 24 Oct 2010
Thanks for yors, please keepin tuch with me
Mission said:
Thursday, 8 Jul 2010
Thankyou for your informative articles on hygiene, I find them usefull in my daily health education sessions with my clients.
Paisley Steven said:
Saturday, 15 May 2010
A very interesting field, keep it up.
Na'omi said:
Thursday, 13 May 2010
Your work is simple, comprehensive and straight to the point.As a writer and in the developing (Nigeria), I am keen in reading more of your work. please keep me posted. Thank You na'omi
Emma said:
Sunday, 21 Mar 2010
This is a very interesting tool for me personally as not only do I work and mentor trainee theatre staff, but I also teach cook / steward in a local sea cadet unit. This site has been a valuable tool for information for all my students
Sunday, 14 Mar 2010
Its a good article for readers to up date about hygiene in its broad terms and its application. Thanks. Bilquees B Shaikh.
Cabral said:
Saturday, 13 Mar 2010
Your website is very informative and helpful. I am learning a lot about hygiene than I did at school.keep up providing information to the public.
Karl said:
Tuesday, 17 Nov 2009
I work in Mental Health & Learning Disability Services. So Getting this information is helpful. Of course having this in very simple terms would be even more useful.
Moses said:
Wednesday, 14 Oct 2009
Hi and thanks a lot for the knowledge of personal hygiene its so vital keep up the spirit bravo its just fantastic.
Jesmine said:
Wednesday, 1 Jul 2009
This website did a great job for me for continuing my research regarding personal hygiene.i really thankful for gaining lots of information from this website...........
Zhuo said:
Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009
The information on this site is really helpful. I am going to start a paper on the causes of personal hygiene differences in American and Chinese ways of life. Would you please provide me some information in the comparative way of saying the personal hygiene. Thank you so much.
Amanda said:
Monday, 19 Jan 2009
Thank you so much. I have really learnt and stll want to learn because come from zmbabwe and am a youth pastor in remote area called hatciffe so am teachng about hygene . There is an out break of a deseace called cholara , whch s caused through poor hygene. So t s really helping us thank you so much once agan
Madiie said:
Monday, 12 Jan 2009
Thanks, good sit ei use it for coursework.
Ola said:
Wednesday, 31 Dec 2008
Quite informative with no scientific jargons
Robin said:
Monday, 1 Dec 2008
This is the only site that has helped me and my family out.. I think this is a great source of info and I would be lost without you
Octopus said:
Wednesday, 22 Oct 2008
Thsi site is greate
Loretta said:
Sunday, 12 Oct 2008
You have very good and useful topics for health teaching for the clients. Do you have any topics on journal review updated.
Roya said:
Friday, 11 Jul 2008
Look forward to read your articles and information
ESTHER said:
Tuesday, 1 Jul 2008
Thank you very much for your information about personal hygiene which is well selected and documented. your concern about children hygiene is highly appreaciated and I urge you to inform the world more about personal hygiene because it is a weapon to fight diseases. Thank you.
Kim said:
Tuesday, 11 Mar 2008
Thanks for the info. Using site for educational purposes in the Solomon Islands.
Collette said:
Monday, 11 Feb 2008
I am a school nurse teaching PSHE in schools, and have been searching the website for information on personal hygiene. Your site has given me so good subject headers. Thanks.
Darren said:
Thursday, 29 Nov 2007
Wonderful and informative site with practical information regarding the topics featured.