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What is Personal Hygiene?

By: Jo Johnson - Updated: 11 Sep 2019 | comments*Discuss
Personal Hygiene Maintenance Prevention

Personal hygiene may be described as the principle of maintaining cleanliness and grooming of the external body. People have been aware of the importance of hygiene for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks spent many hours Bathing, using fragrances and make up in an effort to beautify themselves and be presentable to others.

Personal Hygiene products are a billion dollar business in the commercial market, with many high profile celebrities endorsing products that aim to keep us looking our best. In fact, hygiene is actually a scientific study.

Maintaining a high level of personal hygiene will help to increase self-esteem and confidence, while minimising the chances of developing imperfections.

Poor Personal Hygiene

Failure to keep up a standard of hygiene can have many implications. Not only is there an increased risk of getting an infection or illness, but there are many social and psychological aspects that can be affected.

Poor Personal Hygiene, in relation to preventing the spread of disease is paramount in preventing epidemic or even pandemic outbreaks. To engage in some very basic measures could help prevent many coughs and colds from being passed from person to person.

Social Embarrassment

Social aspects can be affected, as many people would rather alienate themselves from someone who has bad personal hygiene than to tell them how they could improve. Bullies may use bad personal hygiene as a way of abusing their victims, using social embarrassment as a weapon.

Poor personal hygiene can have significant implications on the success of job applications or the chance of promotion; no company wants to be represented by someone who does not appear to be able to look after themselves.

Many sufferers of mental illnesses like dementia or depression may need extra support and encouragement with their personal hygiene. Their carers should make sure that they have everything they need and assist them when permitted and when possible.

Children and Personal Hygiene

Children should be taught the importance of hygiene as early as possible, with Oral Care, washing, toilet hygiene and hair care being taught as part of everyday routines. Singing songs or making a game out of the activities will help to ensure that they enjoy looking after themselves. Bath time can provide an ideal opportunity for spending quality time together, and for teaching about the importance of cleanliness. Toys such as dolls can be used to educate children in correct bathing techniques.

Food Hygiene

Probably the most important aspect of all, food hygiene is very closely associated with personal hygiene. Poor personal cleansing can have a very significant effect on the start and spread of many illnesses through contact with nutritional consumables, some that can be potentially lethal.

Aspects of Personal Hygiene

There are many contributory factors that make up personal hygiene with the main ones being washing, oral care, hair care, nail care, wound care, cleansing of personal utensils and Preventing Infection.

Personal hygiene is as it says, personal. Everybody has their own habits and standards that they have been taught or that they have learnt from others. It is essentially the promotion and continuance of good health.

Find Out More

For more information on personal hygiene, read our articles Personal Hygiene And Food Preparation and Conditions Affecting Personal Hygiene Maintenance.

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This essay helped me a lot in my English Writing. I have upgraded a lot in my writing since then. Thanks a lot !
Nikki - 11-Sep-19 @ 2:31 AM
Thanks so much, this really help me in my write up
Fortunate MAYOR - 9-May-19 @ 1:00 PM
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CiDm - 25-Sep-18 @ 4:05 PM
Thank you for the information of personal hygiene lt helped me with my tests??.
Nyasha - 2-Feb-18 @ 7:40 PM
Great arti my dude, loved how helpful this will be for my dissertation, you got a bro for life. Sigma Kappa Phi (If you want to attend our parties be a babe or bring booze brochacho)
Crabby - 19-Jan-18 @ 3:24 PM
That was a nice piece of information on personal hygiene. I love it.
olajoel - 26-Oct-17 @ 3:45 AM
Thankyou for this . It helped mein my brother homework
Tanuj - 1-Oct-17 @ 1:57 PM
Thanks for the great advice i am using for a presentation i have to do i will surely add your website to my slide so people can see your advice in action. Continue to inform people
Betty - 29-Jun-17 @ 10:47 AM
A hygiene maintain by people by bathing ,brushing, combing and etc is called personal hygiene..
juhi - 18-Jun-17 @ 2:38 PM
Thanks a lot for this... it helped me in my homework... :D
Apeksha - 26-May-17 @ 5:33 AM
especially for hygiene promotion It's very good interest congratulations I hope it will continue this interest
Guhat - 19-May-17 @ 8:55 AM
@brenda - drink two litres of water every day and eat plenty of fruit - your complexion will be glowing within a couple of weeks :) Jess
JessieJ - 3-Mar-17 @ 12:07 PM
how do I keep my face looking naturally good without using any powder
brenda - 2-Mar-17 @ 10:55 AM
How does the efficiency of the disinfectant determined
hangiellyz - 11-Dec-16 @ 4:14 PM
Help me to train my children about Hygiene
moneybell - 6-Dec-16 @ 1:53 PM
Here is my question please ,what constitute personal hygiene of an individual. Help me please because this a presentation question
kyncho - 19-Nov-16 @ 5:42 PM
Personal hygiene is one aspect that has to do with one life,so it is always good to take good care of oneself like having your bath always,wash your hair,mouth.hands.cloths and many others it is very important to me.
hispanola - 8-Nov-16 @ 9:35 AM
Wonderful guideline is given THANK YOU...........
Prem - 25-Oct-16 @ 5:48 PM
Thank you for your professional hygiene expert notes. Am trying to teach my church members sanitation,The objective is to promote human health by providing a clean environment and breaking the cycle of disease. please advice.
Markhor - 23-Aug-16 @ 4:22 PM
singh - Your Question:
What I know about personal hygiene is we takencare of our self like for example brush my teeth every two day or three day, have a bath every two day or three day..

Our Response:
In an ideal world you would brush your teeth twice per day, once in the morning after breakfast and always before you go to bed (as this helps stop tooth decay). If you can also aim for a daily wash if you can' bathe or shower, then this will help your personal hygiene.
HygieneExpert - 14-Jun-16 @ 2:17 PM
Good personal hygieneshould be de most unique part of a girl's life
Angelic damsel - 13-Jun-16 @ 10:06 PM
what i know about personal hygiene is we takencare of our self like for example brush my teeth every two day or three day, have a bath every two day or three day...............
singh - 13-Jun-16 @ 8:18 PM
Sketches - Your Question:
This subject has been very helpful and very captivating since I'm teaching the topic to my pupils in class.

Our Response:
We are glad this article has been useful to you in your teachings.
HygieneExpert - 9-Jun-16 @ 11:28 AM
This subject has been very helpful and very captivating since I'm teaching the topic to my pupils in class.
Sketches - 8-Jun-16 @ 2:58 PM
i think hygiene is very important i am not always hygienic though. I usually have food on my my vest and stains. I am usually very messy but i encourage cleanliness. it is something we should use in our daily lives. i often find it hard to be clean but i live on my own so no one can tell me what to do. BE FREE bless you all hope this helps
Jack - 29-May-16 @ 5:35 PM
aAKRIT - Your Question:
It's a excellent note for my project and also I grew my knowledge after reading a nice note. THANKS FOR THE BEST NOTES...

Our Response:
We are glad this has helped you.
HygieneExpert - 23-May-16 @ 10:23 AM
It's a excellent note for my project and also I grew my knowledge after reading a nice note...... THANKS FOR THE BEST NOTES..................
aAKRIT - 22-May-16 @ 4:35 AM
it is a very nice presentation on personal hygiene
ishangamari - 23-Feb-16 @ 9:14 PM
plz help me............. what is personal hygiene? and related this topic other information help me..........
tina - 15-Feb-16 @ 12:35 PM
This information about health is very helpful to us .thanks for making more aware about the health and hygien.its really helping to us.
farro - 1-Feb-16 @ 5:00 AM
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    This essay helped me a lot in my English Writing. I have upgraded a lot in my writing since then. Thanks a lot !
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