Hair Removal

Modern culture, especially in the western world seems to celebrate the body, particularly of the female form, in a hairless state. Whether it is to achieve heightened aesthetics or a trend, there is big money being made in the hair removal industry. For some it may be an issue of comfort, for others a way of keeping cooler or for reasons of hygiene, for many it seems necessary for pursuing a career in modelling, nevertheless, there is a wide variety of hair removal techniques available for men and women.

From a health and hygiene perspective, hair removal is the easiest way of eliminating lice, preparing a surgical site and for helping to reduce body odours.

The most common areas to have hair removed are the underarms, legs, bikini area and face; in very modern times it has become fashionable to remove the hair from the vulva, scrotum, back and buttocks; many people find this sexually appealing, many don’t.

Methods Available


Shaving is cheap and easy with the added comfort of being able to be performed in your own home. Best done in the bath or shower, shaving can be adequately achieved by using soap and water, although there a many products available for shaving. Many women find using hair conditioner good as it softens the hair and makes it easier to remove.

The safest technique is to allow the area to be soaked in the water, allowing the skin, hairs and follicles time to get warmed up. After applying the soap (or other agent), using a clean and sharp razor, sweep against the direction of hair growth in a smooth movement without adding much pressure. When the area to be shaved is complete, rinse thoroughly, pat dry and moisturise.

Never use a razor on dry skin as the skin can become very irritated and sometimes a serious cut could result.


This can be done cheaply and at home, though many people find it easier and less painful if it is done at a professional salon. Many people find the pain of waxing enough to not do it, others are sensitive to the wax, but it lasts for up to three weeks and leaves skin very soft without the irritation sometimes caused by shaving.

If you are intending to use spreadable wax, as opposed to the strips with the wax already on, make sure it is not heated so much as to cause a burn.

Apply the strips in the direction of hair growth and remove against the growth in one quick smooth action.


Thought to be less painful than waxing, and better for the environment as equipment can be reused, sugaring is similar to waxing though a different agent is used. Always do a sensitivity test before use to rule out any possible reactions. Again, making sure the solution is not too hot, apply strips in the direction of hair growth and remove in the opposite direction.

Depilatory Creams

These are very useful for those who have phobias of razors or whom are worried about the pain caused by waxing or sugaring. The downside is that they sometimes cause sensitivity and can be highly odorous. It lasts about three days and may not be as effective as other methods.


This can be a permanent method of hair removal as a needle is passed into the hair follicle and an electrical current passes down to kill the follicle, stunting hair growth. It should be done at a salon, can take a long time and can be initially expensive, though cheaper in the long-term.

Laser Hair Removal

Again the hair follicle is destroyed but this time by the use of a laser. It is permanent and also expensive. Be sure to use a reputable therapist who has received adequate training on the equipment.

Hair removal is a personal choice and not something that is expected of everyone. Many cultures have different ways of expressing themselves and nobody should be judged on their beliefs; many women like their men to be hairy, others prefer them smooth, it is a very individual preference.

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