Keeping a Pet Health Check-up Diary

Although your vet will have detailed records of your pet’s medical history and healthcare requirements, keeping a check on the health of your pet is a simple way to ensure your much-loved pet is physically fit and healthy throughout the year.

Being a Well-Informed Pet Carer

Spending quality time in the company of your pet is probably something that you and the animal derive great enjoyment from. Ensuring your pet is always fit and healthy, on the other hand, is your sole responsibility. Although you may initially feel maintaining a regular check-up routine is a time-consuming process, in the long-term it will reward your pet with an excellent bill of health, and will also save you money.

How to Use a Check-up Diary

A Check-up Diary can be used in a number of ways. Some pets require more attention and healthcare maintenance, whilst others simply need a less frequent check-up in order to maintain optimised health, fitness and wellbeing. Knowing your pet’s requirements will enable you to identify the best ways of keeping a Check-up Diary.

Your diary should however, allow space for the documenting of your pet’s healthcare record, particularly if your pet had a previous owner. Listing all the information you know about the animal – license number, microchip details etc – will provide you with an up-to-date record that is easy to maintain and add information to. You can also add pet insurance details to this section, as well as a current photograph of your beloved pet, in case they ever go missing.

Adding a Healthcare Planner section will also enable you to record vet appointments, vaccinations, preventative medication your pet may require, vitamins and other grooming and maintenance routines. A Checklist will help you to identify certain illnesses and ailments, by being able to target particular symptoms you have listed. Your vet will also find this information useful when treating your pet for any medical problems.

Worth Remembering

Taking a little time and effort over preparing a Pet Health Check-up Diary will mean that you can access all the information you need, about your pet, whenever it is most needed. However, you will have to maintain up-to-date records if you want the diary to work effectively. This will require that you ensure your pet has regular dental and veterinarian check-ups, and is thoroughly checked over by you and your family whilst your pet is being washed, groomed, exercised and fed.

There is little point in creating an efficient method of recording your pet’s history and health requirements if you simply fail to record information regularly, so getting into the habit of writing down the details of a weekly inspection of your pet is worth considering. Any observations you may notice, for instance unusual odours, discharges or newly-formed habits should be recorded for future reference and can be presented to your vet if any medical concerns suddenly arise. Having a Pet Health Check-up Diary will not only save you time and money, but it will also give any pet owner peace of mind.

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