Surgical Hygiene

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Assisting a Dependent Person with Their Hygiene Needs

Looking after a dependent person can be a challenging task but most people will have to carry out these duties at some point in their life….

Condensation and Damp Prevention

Preventing condensation and damp requires a few simple measures. Ensuring heat and air are circulating properly, and ventilation is good, will help reduce condensation…

Dealing With Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is the splotchy white covering that is often found coating the leaves of plants. This common fungal disease can be successfully treated in a number of……

Hair Removal for the Surgical Patient

Hair removal before surgery is not as important as it was years ago and the old routines of ridding the body of all hair and scrubbing it are not often recommended in……

Hygiene Issues for the Debilitated Patient

Many patients who go into hospital will find their treatment may cause them to be less able and mobile for a short while and worrying about hygiene needs can make this……

Kitchen Mould: Prevention and Removal

Maintaining good ventilation will help prevent the build-up of kitchen mould. From time to time however, this high moisture environment may attract mould in difficult……

Maintaining your Dignity Whilst in Hospital

The privacy and dignity of the patient are a high priority for staff working in the healthcare setting and patients should expect staff to ensure their privacy is…

Post-operative Hygiene and Wound Care

Hospital infections and hygiene are inextricably linked and staff and patients alike should be vigilant in their efforts to stop these infections from spreading….

Pre-operative Hygiene

There are plenty of things patients can do to make sure they are protected from infections after they have had an operation….

Preventing a Post-surgical Infection

Post-operative infections can severely compromise the success of an operation and patients and staff are equally responsible for trying to prevent them….

Removing Mildew from Furnishings

Swift removal of mildew spots and stains can breathe new life into mould damaged furnishings and coverings….

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