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Personal Hygiene and Food Preparation

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Good practices of hygiene are essential for food preparation, not only in industry but in the domestic setting also, to avoid illness and even death.

In Industry

Employers and staff have legal and moral obligations to protect the consumer from becoming ill following the consumption of their products.

Rules and regulations set out by governing bodies must be adhered to and the employer must ensure that all staff are aware of policies and practices by using thorough training techniques. Employees are then responsible for their actions and must adhere to polices and procedures that are recommended.

Hats, gloves, masks and first aid equipment are all provided to prevent the spread of disease and avoid poisoning, which should be used when required.

Domestic Food Preparation

As the employer would be educated in industry, the cook in the domestic setting must be aware of the need to keep surfaces clean at all times.

Pets should not be permitted to share cooking and eating spaces and should be allocated separate eating and toilet environments.

Babies’ bottles and feeding equipment should be sterilised following the manufacturers instructions, and children should not be encouraged to eat off the floor.

Children should be educated from a very early age about the importance of personal hygiene and food preparation.

General Advice

  • Hand washing is extremely important when working with food. A suitable flow of water, cleansing agent and separate towel should be readily available.

  • Hands should be washed at least following these actions: before and after food preparation, before and after using kitchen utensils, after using the toilet, after sneezing, coughing, blowing the nose, smoking, touching the hair or face and emptying bins.

  • Never use food that has fallen to the floor even if the floor looks clean; the soles of shoes can carry millions of harmful bacteria including those from dog faeces!

  • Do not cook if unwell, have a known infection or have an open and uncovered wound.

  • The use of a clean and washable apron will help to prevent the cross contamination of bacteria from clothing to food stuff and vice versa.

  • Best practices include cleaning and tidying as you cook to prevent not just contamination of food items but to avoid accidents.

  • Clean cupboards, fridges etc. frequently, using a suitable cleansing agent. Surfaces should be wiped down before and after contact with food.

  • Thoroughly cook meat and never share the surface or utensils used for raw meat or poultry with any other items until it has been thoroughly cleaned and dried.

  • Jewellery should be removed, especially that with intricate design as these items can be a haven for bacteria which can transfer easily to food or utensils.

  • Wounds should be covered with a waterproof plaster after being cleaned, preferably a blue colour, as there are no natural food products that are blue, so is the easiest to spot if it becomes loose and falls off.

  • Check expiry dates of products before using.

  • Do not share cutlery with others unless washing in between, and never taste from a utensil that is going to be placed back into the food source before it is served.
Personal hygiene is very important for preventing poisoning and illness. Hand washing, maintaining general cleanliness and being aware of the dangers of cross contamination between raw and cooked meats are the most important factors to remember when preparing food.

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Is it allowed to use make-up by the food handlers in the kitchen?
Saadallah - 27-Sep-18 @ 10:35 AM
this is a very good site. It was really helpful for my assignment. Thanks?
natasha - 6-Feb-18 @ 5:00 PM
plz I need to know the important of personal hygiene and appearance in the food service operation and also describe the main ways in which personal hygiene is achieved ...plz I need the answer
la frosh - 12-Oct-17 @ 2:03 PM
Please I want the principles and practices of personal hygiene And personal hygiene factors
Eva - 21-Sep-17 @ 6:54 PM
I have a interview tues 18 th july and ive got a feeling i will have a test it is for domestic and catering assistant i need to to know colour coing for chopping boards raw meat sorage and basic things in food hygene Wendy
wendles - 16-Jul-17 @ 12:44 PM
thanks this helped allot for my food assignment.
MOBIE - 2-Apr-17 @ 10:55 AM
In a care home work place is it law by environmental health regulations that kitchen staff should have separate toilet facilities from care staff and residents and there family's or is it ok to share toilet facilities with care staff and residents
kimono - 13-Feb-17 @ 8:40 PM
What are the things you can do to control proceegers in the hospitality industry?
red cherry - 22-Oct-16 @ 8:45 PM
Koderz - Your Question:
Hi I was looking for a good place to find good information on personal and kitchen hygiene as I have a test tomorrow!?? Where could I find this information ?

Our Response:
You can find kitchen hygiene via the link here and personal hygiene via here . I hope this helps.
HygieneExpert - 3-Oct-16 @ 12:54 PM
Hi I was looking for a good place to find good information on personal and kitchen hygiene as I have a test tomorrow!?? Where could I find thisinformation ?
Koderz - 2-Oct-16 @ 8:15 PM
I work in a hotel kitchen as a breakfast server, should I have to clean toilets ? even tho my contract does state other duties may be required does
Jodaz - 17-Sep-16 @ 7:34 AM
Makeilah - Your Question:
This is a very good tip thank you all so much for this wonderful helpful website:)

Our Response:
We are glad it could be of help.
HygieneExpert - 16-Aug-16 @ 11:33 AM
This is a very good tip thank you all so much for this wonderful helpful website:)
Makeilah - 15-Aug-16 @ 4:25 PM
Looking for advice please - I had a scald to the forearm from an incident at work, it covers the whole left forearm (my primary arm) and it had blistered so I have it wrapped in bandages now. What are the rules on wearing a full bandage n the kitchen at work? Is it advisable to go back before it has fully healed? Hope you can help.
Steph - 28-Jul-16 @ 12:52 PM
Libby - Your Question:
This is a very informative article that should be read by anyone preparing food.

Our Response:
We are glad it has helped you.
HygieneExpert - 14-Apr-16 @ 12:25 PM
This is a very informative article that should be read by anyone preparing food.
Libby - 13-Apr-16 @ 5:33 PM
Bill - Your Question:
I need this so I can have a personal hygiene program for myself I start school in August.

Our Response:
I'm glad you found the article interesting and can take advice from it for when you start school.
HygieneExpert - 6-Apr-16 @ 10:39 AM
I need this so I can have a personal hygiene program for myself I start school in August.
Bill - 5-Apr-16 @ 8:42 AM
This Information gives you help on your course and if you want to use thia website and you can come on this website and you can do a essay on it
do not have one - 6-Feb-16 @ 3:12 PM
practising a very good personal hygiene help you free from diseases
cheboy - 25-Oct-15 @ 11:52 PM
All the indormation about food hygiene andsafety are online all you have to do is searxh it up, but do not use rubbish qebsites, use government websites where all the info is located because then you have hard evidence and facts to support your work, im currently doing an apprentiship and i know all there is to do with hospitality and catering, just dont panic and use thw governments info because that is the only place you can get the truth from.
keeley - 20-Aug-15 @ 10:43 AM
Pls Im writing a project about personal hygiene in hospitality industry, how do I go about it....
spatial - 28-Jul-15 @ 11:30 PM
wow this has helped a lot of people both those in resturants and those at home. please do keep up the goo work
jessie hills - 12-Jun-15 @ 12:30 PM
why do you roll up your sleeves and wash your hands
chelsea - 10-May-15 @ 10:21 AM
I have enjoyed this stuff very much! thanx alot
cadro_nutri - 28-Nov-14 @ 9:34 PM
@amaroso - this Cook Safe Government website may help you further here . I hope this helps.
HygieneExpert - 28-Oct-14 @ 11:17 AM
I've been searching for this question: The important of persinal hygiene in the kitchen's staff
amaroso - 26-Oct-14 @ 11:47 PM
This page helped me lot by giving some extra ibformafio Extra information for my study
rekha - 10-Sep-14 @ 10:14 AM
Hygiene is vital for food handler either you are working in professional kitchen or in domestic kitchen.If you are not following personal hygiene standard it means you are playing with human life.
mansoor - 7-Jul-14 @ 7:58 AM
i all ways wash my hands before i cook and my gest ingoy it.
jazz - 11-Dec-12 @ 11:24 AM
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