Foot, Hand & Nail Hygiene

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Athlete’s Foot, Fungal Infections and Treatments Available

Athlete’s foot is a very common fungal infection of the foot. It causes a vast amount of discomfort with symptoms of itching and flaking of skin. It is treated with……

Foot Care: Chiropody

Chiropody is a specialist area regarding the care of feet. A chiropodist can assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of foot and foot related problems and even some….

Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal nail infections are very common, but can be avoided and treated very easily. They can be a source of embarrassment and can be painful if left untreated….

Hand Washing

Hand washing is a very simple practice but extremely important in the prevention or infections and the spread of disease. By employing the correct methods of hand……

Nail Care and Hygiene

Nail hygiene is important to maintain to prevent infection. They are also a way of displaying to the public our ability to look after ourselves, as they can represent……

Smelly Feet

Suffering from foot odour can become a huge problem for many and can cause social embarrassment and withdrawal. There are certain measures that can be undertaken in……

The Importance of Foot Care

Foot care is highly important in achiving a presentable and functioning foot. There are many minor disorders pertaining to the foot and may be avoidable if correct….

Treating and Preventing Dry Skin

Dry skin can be a very uncomfortable and sometimes painful condition. There are many causes, though most can be avoided with some simple preventative measures.……

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