Raw Food Hygiene

If you wish to maintain a healthier, more natural, lifestyle eating a diet that is rich in raw food nutrients may help you increase your health and vitality. Purchasing the best quality organic produce will also ensure the raw food served at your table is of the highest quality. Ensuring that strict hygiene standards are maintained around raw produce and ingredients however, is essential to keeping your health at optimum levels.

Food Hygiene Essentials

Regardless of whether the food you are planning to eat is raw or cooked it is essential that a good standard of hygiene practice is followed during food preparation. If you want to avoid becoming ill because of the food that you eat following basic food hygiene tips will help reduce the risks.

Washing your hands regularly, whenever you are about to come into contact with food items is important. Handling certain foods like raw eggs and meat also requires extra care. Using warm/hot water when washing up any container that has stored raw food is also important.

Refrigerating edibles as quickly as possible is also recommended. Storing food safely will help ensure the raw produce is in the best condition for your consumption.

Raw Food Dangers

Raw organic produce is alive and therefore contains many more essential nutrients than cooked food. Although it contains minerals and enzymes it is also prone to attracting harmful bacteria, parasites and molds.

Food Storage

Even raw food must be stored correctly if it is to avoid the spreading of harmful bacteria and the formation of nasty toxins. Checking refrigeration requirements as soon as you get food items home will ensure you store perishable food items correctly and reduce the risks of harm.

Raw Food Diet

Healthy living, through the consumption of a raw food diet, is something that is natural to all human beings. A large percentage of the world’s food supply has been saturated with toxins and has therefore lost a lot of its nutritional value. Choosing to eat the best quality food available is a choice that impacts on an individual’s health and wellbeing. Following an organic raw food diet therefore easily omits toxins and increases nutritional content.

Gradually increasing the amount of fresh, raw fruit and vegetables in your diet will enable you to optimise the benefits to your health. Eating 75% raw food to 25% cooked food is a good general introduction to incorporating a raw food plan into your lifestyle.

Personal Awareness Increase

It has been proven that people who consume a diet centred on raw foods experience an increase, and significant improvement, in mental awareness and on emotional and spiritual levels. Eating fresh, thoroughly washed and well prepared raw food is also an excellent way of reducing body weight through dieting.

Raw Food Toxins

No matter how well you wash your fresh produce some raw foods still contain toxins that are not recommended for consumption. These are generally found in the seeds and pips of fruits like apples and apricots, alfalfa seeds and sprouts and celery root and other vegetables. The toxins can create problems with the function of the immune system and can lead to skin sensitivity. Hydrazines, which are toxins found in mushrooms, are destroyed by cooking the funghi.

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