Your Skin Care Routine-Can Your Skin Be Too Clean?

We all know that hygiene is a very important part of life and that the secret to younger and fresher looking skin is to keep it clean and protected from the damage of pollutants and grime but is it possible to be too clean?

Washing The Face

Skin care and hygiene routines are very important but using too many cosmetics, cleansing products or washing the face too vigorously too often may lead to damage to the skin. Soaps should be used in small amounts and gentle circular movements should be used to wash away dirt and residue.

Drying should involve the use of a soft non-abrasive towel that is used to pat the skin and not rub it which may lead to damage to the delicate areas on the face especially those found around the eyes.

When Extra Practices May Be Needed

Most teenagers will be able to vouch that during these years it is likely that the skin undergoes changes and at times can appear greasy or even suffer from acne breakouts. During these times it is expected that a little more effort should go into the normal skin care routines and that the use of products specially designed to remove excess grease, dirt and bacteria will be required.

Some women will also recognise that at certain times of the month, usually between ovulation and the start of menstruation the skin can change from the norm and that again a little more care may be needed.


Some experts believe that it may be dangerous to use soaps and fragrances too often or in too large a quantity. If some of the chemicals in these products, especially those in anti-bacterial products, may cause a build up to occur in the human body which may have the potential to eventually lead to toxic levels or that they may start to destroy the good bacteria in cells as well as the bad.

These products should be used sparingly and no more frequently than recommended by the manufacturers. If you are finding your skin is becoming affected either stop using the product altogether and replace it with a fragrance and soap free cleansing agent or limit your use.

Getting It Right

Skin should be cleansed at least once a day using a gentle formula and a soft towel to dry. If specially designed products are used make sure it is as directed by the manufacturer.

Try to find products that prevent the loss of moisture and if the skin feels tight or dry afterwards a good quality moisturiser should be used to help replace hydration and protect the skin from the weather. Times when additional hygiene and attention may be required is after sports, when it is particularly warm, if make-up is worn, when feeling unwell and obviously if visibly dirty.

The facial skin is extremely delicate and often is the first part of the body to age due to it being constantly exposed to the cold, wind and pollutants. It needs regular cleaning and maintenance in order to preserve the skin and prolong our external appearance but care should be taken not to damage it by trying too hard to achieve this.

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